“Best of Gordon Mote” Songbook


  1. A Son Of My Own
  2. Ain’t Gonna Give Up on God
  3. All That Noise
  4. Carry Me Away
  5. Don’t Let Me Miss The Glory
  6. Get Up In Jesus’ Name
  7. God’s Got Somethin’ For You
  8. Hold Me Up
  9. I Catch ‘Em, God Cleans ‘Em
  10. I Will Do The Same
  11. If They Could See You Through My Eyes
  12. Kisses And Hugs
  13. Mercy Walked In
  14. On The Other Side Of Time
  15. The Beautiful Body Of Christ
  16. There’s No Place That Love Can’t Reach
  17. Wake Up Dancin’
  18. Wounded Hands
  19. You’re The Answer To My Prayer
  20. Your Love Will Keep Guiding Me